2007 Cranksgiving Photos

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2007 Cranksgiving Results

Results from the 2007 Des Moines Cranksgiving Alleycat.

Jane Riessen was the fastest person of the day finishing her 12-stop shopping in 46 minutes, she was closely followed by Pete Jensen. Chris Skogen and Kelsey Dickens represented Minneapolis with butt-kicking pride taking 2nd in the Guys and Gals category and the top two spots for Out-of-Towners. Tom Lewandowski was the fastest cat on a fixed gear, Steve Fuller was the fastest man on a fixed gear who happened to be named Steve, and Nathan Bartels won the track stand competition.

While we had over 112 people participate in the event, two hours after the start we stopped taking results and started announcing results. I appreciate everyone who gave their time, money, and sweat to make this event possible. It is appropriate to mention that after the 2-hour mark we had someone come in who spent $86 on groceries, had he been just a bit faster he would have easily won the Most Money Spent category by $30. Our true DFLs were a crew from Grinnell who arrived at the finish roughly 4.5 hours after the start of the event, losing track of time in the many bars along the way.

1. Jane Riessen (Fastest Girl, Leg Wrestling Champion)
2. Pete Jensen (Fastest Guy)
3. Chris Skogen (Second Guy, Fastest SS, Fastest Out-of-Towner)
4. Tom Lewandowski (Third Guy, Fastest Fixie)
5. Kelsey Dickens (Second Girl, Second Out-of-Towner)
6. Mike Patrick (Third Out-of-Towner)
7. Brian Moritz
8. Matt Neumeyer (Second Fixie)
9. Brian Pottorff (Third Fixie)
10. Steve Fuller (Fastest Guy On A Fixie Named Steve)
11. Kelli Mente (Third Girl)
12. Randy Kraymer
13. Nathan Bartels (Track Stand Winner)
14. Steve Robinson
15. Doug Klahsen
16. Lou Waugaman
17. R. Blackford
18. Matt Riggs
19. Mario Hernandez
20. Scott Robinson
21. Molly Gill
22. Austin Gill
23. Jason Dal
24. Brent Mitchell
25. Steve Ballou
26. Julie Hugo
27. Jana Stow
28. Ryan Elsbernd
29. Jeff Cocoran
30. Scott Sumpter
31. Ben Garrett
32. Mary Moore
33. Graham Johnston
34. Kent Carlson
35. Calmes
36. Pete Basso
37. Jeff Stegeman
38. Matt Schaffer
39. John Kolah
40. Dan Adams
41. Jim Kirkman
42. Rich Wince (Most Money Spent $56)
43. Emily Schaapveld
44. Andy Stover
45. Brad Bach
46. Andy Bach
47. John B.
48. Megan Coan
49. Jeremy Gibb
50. Sam Lopez
51. Justin Bruce
52. Jeff Tomlon
53. Sterling Heise
54. Max Plenke
55. Joan Blizard
56. Wayde Stover
57. Mike Lebeda
58. Jacob Naumann
59. Andrew Carney
60. Heather Meyer-Davis
61. Taylor Webb
62. James Ploesen
63. Molly ???
64. Sheryl Ramford
65. Randall Boyd
66. Cali Searles
67. Chris Halverson
68. Allen Boone
69. Steve
70. Mike Baker
71. K???? A????
72. Denise Ditto
73. Pasha Korshov
74. Andrew Hall
75. Keely Shannon
76. Rik Shannon
77. Steven Hall
78. Carrie Topp
79. Sherry Ribby
80. Scott Russell
81. Logan Russell
82. Scott Wilson
83. Taylor Wilson
84. Bob M.
85. Heather Worthington
86. Amy Hanrahan
87. Corrine Sweeney
88. Sara Blanco
89. Peggy Blanco
90. Tara Morse
91. R. Michael
92. Terrance Reid
93. Shannon Brozak (DFL, taken at 2 hours)
94. Everyone Else

All results were hand written and then typed by someone completely different. Apologies for any misspelling.

2007 Cranksgiving - Sat, November 17th - 12pm

The 2007 edition of the Des Moines Cranksgiving Alleycat will be held Saturday, November 17th at high noon. For this event riders will be given a list of 10 grocery items which must be purchased in 10 different stores. All of the food collected will be donated to the Food Bank of Iowa! Thanks to the sponsorship from Mars Cafe and Rasmussen Bike Shop we will be giving t-shirts to the first 100 people to register!

At the 2006 event Cranksgiving 61 riders brought together just under 600 pounds of food! Nearly doubling our goal. For 2007 we've set a goal of 1000 pounds of food!!! So bring a friend, it will be a blast!

Check out the video and photos from the 2006 event below!
Filmed by Jeff Stegeman, editted by Ryan Hanser.

Rogue Wave - 10:1
Robert Randolph & the Family Band - Right Direction
Easy Star All-Stars - Time
Easy Star All-Stars - On the Run
Lenny Kravitz - Mr. Cab Driver
Super Furry Animals - Do Or Die

578 Pounds of Food Delivered

Des Moines Register

The Times-Delphic

Cranksgiving Photos #3

These photos are courtesy of Jane and Chuck.

Cranksgiving Photos #2

These photos are courtesy of Juice.

Cranksgiving Photos #1

These pics are courtesy of Mike Baker and Brian Pottorff.


CRANKSGIVING was an amazing success! I want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to do the event (61 riders total!!). Take each one of the following items and multiply by 58 and that's what we'll be donating to the Food Bank of Iowa: box of cereal, canned corn, bar soap, toilet paper, tomato soup, box of Tuna Helper, laundry detergent, canned fruit, shampoo, and canned tuna.

Keep an eye here throughout the week for photos and video of the event. Also, be sure to grab a copy of Juice this Wednesday for more photos from the race. We will be delivering food to the Food Bank of Iowa on Monday morning.

Speacial thanks again to all of the people who came together for this event:
Rasmussen Bike Shop, Mars Cafe, Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo,, Surly, Oakley, FlatLandFuel. com, Chicago Wig, Headsweats, AsMaster, Erin Baker Breakfast Cookies, Honey Stinger, and probably a few more I'm forgetting at the moment.

HUGE THANKS to the volunteers before and during the race. Heather, Sarah, Dara, Chris, Sterling, and Troy... couldn't have done it without ya!

Thanks to everyone who was not able to do the event but still took time out to donate food.

THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!! Give yourselves a huge pat on the back. You deserve it.


Lou Waugaman
Tony Nichols
Nathan Bartels
Graham Johnston
Chris Skogen
Brian Pottorff
Tom Lewandowski
Kim West
John Krolack
Cory Heintz
Chuck Hilsenbeck
Sterling Heise
Justin Bruce
Randy Kramer
Scott Sumpter
Mario Hernandez
Bryan Moritz
Steve Hall
Scott Wilson
John Baum
Jeff Porter
Scott Russell
Ryan Hanser
Steve Ballou
Jeff Stegeman
Matt Rigge
Rod Snavley
Kale Snavley
Rex Winchell
Casey Calnes
Brad Kramer
Steve Robinson
Austin Gill
Scott Robinson
Sam Gill
Sam Lopez
Mike Lebeda
Steve Lambert
Mike Baker
Jacob Nauman
Ed McNerny
Brad Daggett
Jason Nunemaker
Craig Uhlman
Pasha Korakov
12 more people I forgot to list
Jane Riessen
Molly Gill
Mary Moore
Meghan Stegeman

SINGLE SPEED (or fixed gear with hand brakes)
Graham Johnston
Chris Skogen
Kim West
John Krolack
Cory Heintz
Sterling Heise
Scott Sumpter
Casey Calnes
Mary Moore
Sam Lopez
Mike Lebeda
Jacob Nauman
Ed McNerney
Jason Nunemaker

Lou Waugaman
Tony Nichols
Nathan Bartels
Brian Pottorff
Tom Lewandowski
Cory Heintz
Mario Hernandez

Chris Skogen
John Krolak
Cory Heintz
Mario Hernandez
Bryan Moritz
Steve Hall

Steve Hall
Steve Ballou
Steve Lambert
Steve Lambert
Some guy, I can't remember his name. Sorry.

Did I say thank you?

    Elder Corporation

    Wexford & James

    Rasmussen Bike Shop


    RBS Safety Training



    Harlot Clothing

    Ride Clean